Stuart’s Music

Don Reese aka Zink Dee, Frets

Don believes that playing should be fun.  Playing baseball should be fun.  Playing freeze tag should be fun.  Playing music is the same thing.  Why put in all the “work” (practice), if the “play” part isn’t fun?

With our lessons, the “play” part is the lesson.  It’s about your attitude as a student.  If you’re used to being strictly lectured about proper technique and criticized for every wrong note, it’s tough to let your guard down.  But that’s how we “play”.  The rules aren’t as important as the reward we get from it.  So let’s go right to the reward!

Don has taught for over 30 years as a private instructor of guitar, bass, mandolin, banjo, and ukulele.  If it has strings and frets, Don will get you playing it!

Don is the owner of Stuart’s Music, and also teaches music classes and private guitar lessons at University of Valley Forge.  Don is very active as a local performer, popping up in many behind-the-scenes pit orchestras, jazz groups, summertime jam sessions outside, and in a more formal duo called “Acoustic Vibe”, a guitar and marimba / vibraphone duo with his wife Cindy.